Large Consultancy Experience at Small Consultancy Cost

Matthews Management Consultancy Ltd uses consultants who have considerable experience built up through working in large national and international consultancies.

All our consultants have managerial experience in a number of organisations. Because we do not have the overheads of large consultancies, or have to satisfy shareholders, we are able to offer our clients very competitive rates.


Our services have been designed to facilitate change. In an environment of financial uncertainty, volatile markets and strong competition, it is essential that organisations can adapt and change rapidly. We provide a suite of services that will support businesses from identifying inefficiencies through to putting in place transformational change programmes.

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Majoring in both the public and private sectors, our consultants have worked in many organisations from Central Government to Investment Banking. Our experience from working on large projects in multiple industries will bring benefits to your organisation. Our People page shows the variety of sectors our consultants have worked in.

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Welcome to Matthews Management Consulting Ltd

Matthews Management Consulting Ltd is a new and growing company, but with firm roots based in international consultancy spanning over 16 years. Whether you want to transform your business, improve your processes or train your managers and staff, Matthews Management Consulting Ltd can help you. With over 14 years experience gained in global consulting companies and over 20 years management experience, Managing Director John Matthews can find the right solution for you.


As well as working with a wide range of clients our consultant's have worked in many different locations in the UK, Europe, USA and Middle East. Have a look at our list of clients showing an example of some of the organisations we have worked with. View our people profiles to see individual consultant's client experience.

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